Get More Traffic and More Business with Google Google advertising through the Google Adwords tool is an effective way to get highly targeted visitors to a website without breaking a budget. Google is far and away from the largest and most used search engine on the Internet at the moment. Millions of people visit Google every hour looking for answers to questions, finding lost loves, or hunting for bargains or trivia. Advertising on Google has the potential to attract thousands of new customers to a site if used properly. But if not done properly, Google advertising can quickly drain wallets and leave advertisers frustrated. Google Advertising Basics Advertising on Google is accomplished through the use of the Google Adwords program. Webmasters and business owners create text or image based ads and then submit them to the Google Adwords program. Advertisers create an advertising campaign where they decide how much money they want to spend per day on Google marketing and how much they are willing to pay every time someone clicks one of their ads. Advertisers are given the full control over how, when, and where their ads will appear. Once an ad has been created and approved, it will
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