There is no question that the world of targeted online marketing gives entrepreneurs and internet marketing specialists access to revenue streams that are otherwise unheard of and untouchable. From $100 per hour entry-level jobs to ultra-profitable marketing campaigns with no start-up costs, the targeted internet marketing industry rewards with opportunity and often negates any real risk. Any type of search engine optimization strategy is often said to be risk-free. Its targeted internet marketing counterparts – pay-per-click search engine advertising and direct web traffic generation – carry associated costs, and while short-term and rapid, are also quite a turbulent marketing platform. However, implementing a search engine optimization strategy is often just as much of a risky venture as any search marketing campaign. Search engines are constantly changing their algorithms, and businesses are constantly adapting to the changes. In 2002, a few tagged images and some well-written website content were enough for a search engine optimization strategy to achieve the number one spot in a relatively uncompetitive niche. Today, they are barely enough to appear in the rankings at all. SEO, despite its “secure” reputation, requires constant attention and ongoing development. These four strategies will help search engine marketers and internet marketing
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