Despite the growth of new digital marketing channels like social media, email marketing can still be a highly effective way of reaching current and prospective customers, providing a way to deliver a message in an engaging and personalised way that can deliver good conversion rates. Luckily, email marketing is also an activity that is highly measurable, and here are five ways to rate the success of any campaign. 1. Email Delivery Rates It would be great if every email you sent was received by recipients, but the truth is rather different and hard bounces and soft bounces should be considered a normal outcome of any email marketing campaign. Hard bounces typically occur because the recipient’s email address is invalid. A simple reason for this may be that it was incorrectly recorded or the recipient gave an incorrect address, possibly even on purpose. Another reason may be that a person has changed his email address, such as moving to a different ISP. With B2B email marketing campaigns, a common problem may be that the recipient has moved to a different company or even that the company’s domain name no longer exists, which can be especially so in the case of small
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