The average reader spends half a second on a print ad before deciding to continue reading or moving on. Print ads are viewed as singular promotional items while television advertisements, by comparison, tell a story from start to finish. Print advertising remains an important mix in an advertising campaign. However, planning to include print ads to successfully target markets means understanding the need to pick one point, product or offer and to build copy and design elements. Great Advertising Design for Print Demands Single Idea Focus Focus on one element in a print ad. This could include how customers might most benefit from a product or service or a competitive price point. Use this one area of focus to create advertising copy that speaks concisely. Avoid buzzwords or catchy phrases. Use short sentences that speak personally to readers. A basic design principle is to keep the layout simple and uncluttered. Readers will immediately understand the focus of the advertisement’s idea with this clarity. When the draft design is complete, stand back and ask if the central idea is being communicated with ease. The best advertising graphic designers use white space to maximum effect. Other print ad design tips include: Include
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