Flyers for Small Business Advertising

Advertising is a challenge especially if you are on a budget. Small businesses have to be creative and come up with affordable alternatives. Many small businesses find flyers a great way to advertise.

Flyers are inexpensive to use. Your flyer should have a sales message or a benefit for using your small business. It is inadvisable to make a flyer with just your business name, address, and a statement about what you do. Write a strong selling message on your flyer.

Advertise with Flyers

Flyers are a great way to advertise because they are effective in getting your selling points across. They are an easy method of sales literature and can be handed out at trade shows or posted in neighborhood bulletin boards.

Flyers Are Inexpensive to Produce

desktop publishing for small businesses

Flyers are easy to produce. The cost is low. They can be created on your computer and photocopied. You can use a color printer, if you don’t have a color printer you can buy color paper, and print them with black ink.

Ways to Create a Flyer

“One large advantage to creating flyers is you have all the space you want. You should design it well and describe your offer thoroughly,” according to Lisa Steinbacher’s book, The Professional Organizer’s Complete Business Guide, (Etemity Publishing, 2006). A flyer has a benefit for using your product or business. A description of your small business or your product should be written with your target audience in mind. It is printed on one or two sides of 8½ by 11 inch paper. It has a visual something simple that enhances the service, or the product.

Flyers Are Sales Literature

They have a selling message and can have strong selling points. You can use them with your sales letters, self mailers, or direct mail they can be used to sell products, or to sell technical products. If you have a sales letter for a technical product you might want to list all of the features on the flyer to accompany the direct mail. The flyer can be used to list all of the benefits of using your product or your service. It tells what you offer and explains how the customer can contact you. The benefits of your product can be put in the flyer taking each benefit and demonstrating why the product will help the customer.

Flyers are an effective way to advertise without leaving a gaping hole in your wallet. There are good reasons why small businesses use them, because they work.

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