Get More Traffic and More Business with Google

Google advertising through the Google Adwords tool is an effective way to get highly targeted visitors to a website without breaking a budget.

Google is far and away from the largest and most used search engine on the Internet at the moment. Millions of people visit Google every hour looking for answers to questions, finding lost loves, or hunting for bargains or trivia.

Advertising on Google has the potential to attract thousands of new customers to a site if used properly. But if not done properly, Google advertising can quickly drain wallets and leave advertisers frustrated.

Google Advertising Basics

Advertising on Google is accomplished through the use of the Google Adwords program. Webmasters and business owners create text or image based ads and then submit them to the Google Adwords program. Advertisers create an advertising campaign where they decide how much money they want to spend per day on Google marketing and how much they are willing to pay every time someone clicks one of their ads. Advertisers are given the full control over how, when, and where their ads will appear.

Once an ad has been created and approved, it will enter the Google Adwords rotation queue. Then, whenever someone searches for something related to the ad, the ad may appear on the Google Search Engine Results Page for that search term. By tying advertisements to what people are searching on, Google advertising gives the business owner the ability to attract their true target audience rather than blasting their ad out in front of people who have little or no interest in the product.

Google Advertising Cost

When an Adwords user creates an ad, they choose a set of keywords that they want to associate their ad with. When someone searches on Google for that specific keyword or key phrase, then Google will display the ads that were tagged with those keywords.

To control whose ads are displayed first, Google considers the cost per click (CPC) that an advertiser has placed on their ads. For instance, if a user puts a 20 cent CPC on an ad and a competitor placed a 50 cent CPC on theirs, the competitor’s ad would show more often and in a higher position on the page. By letting advertisers control how much they are willing to spend on an ad, Google enables advertisers to effectively control their advertising budget.

Naturally, some keywords are worth a lot more than others. If a Google advertiser wants to see their ad for home mortgages appear high on the Google results page, then they will have to bid upwards of $10.00 CPC just to get the ad to display. Advertisers are only charged that $10.00 if someone actually clicks on the ad, however. CPC for an ad can range anywhere from a few pennies for broad topics or over saturated markets where ads for specialty services or hot trends can cost several dollars per click.

Google Advertising Control

Google advertising gives the webmaster or business owner a great deal of flexibility in how, when, and where their ads are displayed. Advertisers can specify what time of day, day of the week, age group, and geographic locations for which their ads will display. If an advertiser wants to ensure that only people in Indiana see their ads, then Google Adwords can provide that ability.

Google Adwords also allows the user to specify their daily advertising allowance so that the maximum cost of daily advertising is a known factor from the start. The user never has to worry about running up too large of an advertising bill if they use the tools properly. In addition, Google Adwords has no minimum amount of advertising tied to it, so users can stop and start their advertising campaigns at will and work to find the best combination of effective keywords that drive traffic for the least amount of money.

Drive Business with Google Advertising

By providing highly effective targeted advertising opportunities to web sites and business owners, Google advertising can increase the sales of a business dramatically. Through the Adwords campaign manager advertisers always know how much their advertising is going to cost and how effective it is performing. Ads can be updated and tweaked almost instantly to test new theories and ad copy. Effective use of Google advertising is the secret to Internet success that many internet marketers covet.

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