Flyers for Small Business Advertising

Advertising is a challenge especially if you are on a budget. Small businesses have to be creative and come up with affordable alternatives. Many small businesses find flyers a great way to advertise.

Flyers are inexpensive to use. Your flyer should have a sales message or a benefit for using your small business. It is inadvisable to make a flyer with just your business name, address, and a statement about what you do. Write a strong selling message on your flyer.

Advertise with Flyers

Flyers are a great way to advertise because they are effective in getting your selling points across. They are an easy method of sales literature and can be handed out at trade shows or posted in neighborhood bulletin boards.

Flyers Are Inexpensive to Produce

desktop publishing for small businesses

Flyers are easy to produce. The cost is low. They can be created on your computer and photocopied. You can use a color printer, if you don’t have a color printer you can buy color paper, and print them with black ink.

Ways to Create a Flyer

“One large advantage to creating flyers is you have all the space you want. You should design it well and describe your offer thoroughly,” according

Branding a business of product
Many of our clients ask us about branding their service company or new product line. These are questions that frequently come up that we are going to share.

How do I choose a designer for my logo?

Our design company makes checklists when we ask a client what they need out of their new project. We suggest clients do the same. Sit down and make a list of what you need from the logo. How it needs to function:

  • On letterhead or business card
  • Invoice
  • Vehicle decal
  • Packaging
  • Envelopes and/ or on the web

How it needs to be printed

Come up with a budget first and this will determine how many colors and what special processes you can afford. Do you need a vector or raster image? A knowledgeable designer can make a determination based on your list what will be best for your job. A vector image is easily sizeable and is based on a mathematical equation. A raster based image is pixel based and is limited to the original image size determined by the creator of the work at the beginning and is difficult to alter in the future. Often vector images are reserved for type and